Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buddy Guy just said... I want to play something so funky you can smell it.

More Color

Got some new mugs out of the kiln earlier this week. They've got more color glaze on the outside, and some are two tone. I liked the way the top & bottom color constrained the drawing area and made it feel more like a comic strip. The old style (you can see some on the website) had more drawing room but sometimes it felt like the drawings were a bit adrift.

I've never spent much time thinking about color before, and it is so powerful. We had a fun talk in the studio the other night about the effect various color combinations had on each other and how they made us feel. Both Luba and I are using more color in our work, and we just got a big shipment of mason stains in, so now its time to head back into the studio and get busy testing.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Testing test kiln.

Fired up this little test kiln 2day. Will use for decals & lowfire inks.
Testing post from phone.

Here we go!

I recently decided to move my artist's blog off my website and onto the blogger platform. I'll still be maintaining the site including current artist information and galleries there. Thanks for stopping by here!