Sunday, October 17, 2010

A bunch of MudFire folks have some pots in a new show at Gallery Walk at Terminus here in Atlanta, one of the biggest, swankiest new buildings in town. My set of pots is above. Here are the curator's notes and artist list from the brochure...

Georgia Clay

Georgia has a long history of clay being used to produce vessels of all shapes and sizes. Our agrarian roots spawned the tradition of using earth to make functional objects like pots, jugs, mugs, platters and vases for everyday use. That tradition still runs deep in Georgia, but there are also artists who are using the medium in new and innovative ways. The art form that these artists explore is not necessarily “functional,” but a more sculptural, artistic expression using clay, porcelain and ceramics as the medium. Some artists use their clay form almost as a three-dimensional canvas on which to paint and draw their thoughts and ideas while others seemingly push the physical limits of what clay can withstand in order to make gravity defying sculptural objects.

All of the artists in this exhibition are schooled in the tradition of their craft but have chosen to explore a more unconventional direction in their artwork. Represented by galleries such as The Signature Shop in Buckhead and MudFire in Decatur, these artists are nurtured in our community and are flourishing in their artistic explorations.

– Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator

AJ Argentina | Eileen Braun | Glenn Dair
Martin Dawe | Debra Fritts | Jennifer Graff
Krista Grecco | Erik Haagensen | Ron Meyers
Andy Nasisse | Mario Petrirena | Barry Rhodes
Adrina Richard | Stefan Ritter | Luba Sharapan
Kirsten Stingle | Gregor Turk | Pandra Williams

Georgia Clay
October 13, 2010 – January 14, 2011
case study at TERMINUS 200