Monday, December 14, 2009

Anyone Seen Kathy King?

I am concerned at the rapid disappearance of important studio potters. Its important to note that nobody else has noticed this, and that in fact, I haven't noticed this.

Until now.

Kathy King has gone missing and gone fireman at the same time. Meanwhile, my friends with experience in Amazonian head shrinking seem to have it in for Miss King. Something about heading north. Something about leaving Atlanta. Something about becoming a MassHole. And yes, I grew up where 495 hits the Mass Pike, so I can throw that down. Massachutes + @$$hole = ..... OK, I spelled it out and you got it.

Anyhow, Miss King, can you please confirm or deny the rumors of your head shrinkage. Which I'm sure, to quote Twain, are greatly exaggerated.

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