Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall 2014 Update

The pots I am currently shipping to my gallery friends are special to me because I started working on those series early in the summer. This was one year after moving to the mountains to give up teaching & curating in Atlanta in order to make work full-time.

I took a break mid-summer to work on some new illustrations and patterns of illustrations at my drawing table. This was really the first attempt at covering pots in patterned illustrations since I switched to earthenware, and I am excited how the first pots turned out.

The new illustrations of instrument players have also been very well received, and I've already started drawing the dancers that obviously must follow them!

During the summer we also had our first vegetable garden and started restoring our pastures, which were important first steps in breathing life into the old farm that we bought and moved to in GreenEville, TN. It was a busy exhausting summer but we have loads of pottery and fresh pickles to show for it!

Here's our pottery and pickles summer of 2014 slide show...

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